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Sculptured Gold Window By Willet Hauser
Figure: Sculptured gold windows allow for the window to be viewed in two very different ways in the day time and night time. During the day light streams through the glass and at night the glass appears black while the special sculptured gold facade is illuminated under the space’s interior lights.

Perhaps the most exquisite offering we can bring to your project is the Sculptured Gold window by Willet Hauser. Developed in the 1950s by Henry Lee Willet, this exclusive technique has certainly enhanced our reputation as the leader in American Stained Glass.

The Sculptured Gold window is created with very special care and craftsmanship. A traditional leaded stained glass window is overlaid with a low relief sculpture fabricated of sheet lead forming figures and designs. All of the sculpture and the lead are then covered with 23-karat gold leaf. One must personally view a Sculptured Gold window to fully appreciate the magnificence. This fabulous window on the next page is beautiful during the day and spectacular at night.