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Ben Souligny

Ben Souligny

Ben Souligny, Project Manager

Ben Souligny has worked in the stained glass industry for nearly two decades. Though he spends his time in the field now, much of his experience is studio-based, where he worked as a foreman. As such, he is equally adept at building and repairing windows as he is removing and installing them in the field.
Ben worked at four stained glass studios before joining Associated Crafts and Willet Hauser and has had the pleasure of working and traveling all of the country in this profession. According to Ben, one of the things he likes most about being a project manager for this studio is that though he is out in the field, everyone back in the offices has his, and his colleagues backs, one hundred-and-ten-percent. With the support of the studio, they are given room to grow and become better craftsmen.
Though he doesn't consider himself an artist he admits that there is definitely art in what he does. Working for Associated Crafts and Willet Hauser has allowed him great experiences and the chance to work in a meaningful trade.

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