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Greg Wignes

Greg Wignes, Glazier & Restoration Specialist At Willet Hauser

Greg Wignes, Glazier & Restoration Specialist

Greg began working in stained glass with an apprenticeship in 1997 before joining the Willet Hauser team in 2000. Since then he has worked as glazier on new window projects as well as restoration projects. Greg has restored windows by some of the most iconic studios in the history of glass including Willet, Tiffany, La Farge, Connick, Lamb, Mayer, D’Ascenzo, Zettler and the Tyrollean Studios. He was involved in a recent Tiffany restoration project in Baltimore, MD, which earned the studio the Baltimore Building and Congress and Exchange’s Craftsmanship Award for the high quality of craftsmanship exhibited in the care and restoration of the stained glass windows across the United States but also influenced the processes at Associated Crafts® / Willet Hauser®.

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