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John Phillips

John Phillips

John Phillips,CEO

As an entrepreneur with a long history focused in the stained glass and construction businesses, John Phillips Jr. has the unique understanding of how art and construction meet through the preservation, restoration, and design of historic windows.
John became acquainted with the world of stained glass as a young boy.He would accompany his father John Phillips, Sr., who was employed as Hauser Art Glass' east coast studio consultant,on visits to churches. During this time he learned the many facets of the stained glass field, from art to business. John eventually went on to work for his father, and later consulted for other studios before performing contract work for Willet Hauser.
In 1997, he and his wife Mary started their own stained glass studio, Associated Crafts, which quickly grew to become one of the largest and most respected restoration studios in the nation.
His relationship with Willet Hauser came full circle when he was given theopportunity to purchase the business in 2013 after Jim and Mike Hauser decided to pursue retirement. The Hauser's, having known John since he was 8 years old, mentored and taught him over the years and witnessed him grow within the industry.They realized that he had the knowledge, integrity, and desire to carry on the tradition of their iconic American stained glass studio. With the acquisition complete in 2014, John Phillips, armed with passion and a talent for team building, led the way for a re-awakening of the studio, a renaissance of talent, spirit, and dedication to the craft, necessary for posterity.

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