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Mark Davidson

Mark Davidson, Willet Hauser

Mark Davidson, Creating and Preserving America&squo;s Stained glass Heritage

Chicago-based Mark Davidson’s passion for preserving history led him to the field of stained glass in 1998 when he began working for a small midwestern studio as a consultant and later, in 2008 for Associated Crafts. Having always loved Willet as well as Hauser glass, Mark is honored to be a part of both the Willet Hauser and Associated Crafts teams. Specializing in restoration, Mark sees the sacred beauty in everything about the churches he visits throughout the country - from the altars, to the paintings, to the ceilings, to the stained glass he works diligently to preserve. He has always been fascinated with religious philosophy and architecture. After college He worked with Churches providing Bells (cast bells, electronic carillons and handbells) providing music and tradition. During the church and municipal building boom of the 80’s and 90’s He provided solid hardwood church furniture to churches and public buildings Furniture He is very proud that will last as long as the building. He has always been fascinated with art and stained glass. In the mid 90’s He was lucky enough to begin working with Stained Glass. To assist in creating and preserving one of the worlds oldest forms of glass is truly their passion.

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