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Robert Bohannon

Robert Bohannon, Vice President of Operations Of Associated Crafts And Willet Hauser

Robert Bohannon, Vice President of Operations

Has a rich background in stained glass and operations management. He currently serves as the Vice President of Operations at Associated Crafts® and Willet Hauser® and has overseen operations since 2004. From 1982 to 1994, Robert was founder and owner of Bohannon Construction before he decided to open his own repair and restoration stained glass studio, Alpha 1. He continued with Alpha 1 for 11 years before joining Associated Crafts, and now, the Willet Hauser family.

With over thirty years in the craft trade industry, specializing in wood and stained glass fabrication, contract bidding and problem solving, Robert Bohannon has a rich background in stained glass and operations management.

During the 1990‘s he was the proprietor, designer and fabricator for an antique reproduction furniture company, Gothic Creations. The company specialized in Southwest style furniture, with its Native American, Mexican and Spanish influences, as well as Queen Anne and Shaker reproduction pieces. Robert’s work can be found in collections in Germany and the United States, especially throughout the Southwest.

During his time at Alpha One, Robert assisted John Phillips, Jr. in the design of aluminum extrusions for Associated Crafts®protective covering services. Additionally, he created a specially designed instrument that enabled the firm to bend the aluminum extrusions, a necessary detail that allowed craftsmen to contour new framing onsite to closely match the existing millwork. This electric bender is still used today exclusively by Associated Crafts and Willet Hauser.

As the Vice President of Operations, Robert is responsible for navigating each unique project, troubleshooting anything from installations to framing solutions. He stands, in a sense, on the front lines - problem solving any issue that a sales representative, road crew member or client might encounter, whether it be onsite or in house. Additionally, he is responsible for strict quality control, ensuring that all commissions are completed appropriately and according to the terms outlined in all contracts. Bohannon’s rich woodworking and design background aids him in the design and fabrication of the light boxes he is responsible for creating. In addition to his role as Vice President of Studio Operations Robert also serves as a minority owner of Willet Hauser Architectural Glass, Inc.®

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