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How to Clean Stained Glass Windows Properly

Stained glass windows are in many homes built in the 1800s and early 1900s. These windows give a very decorative accent to any home or church. While many windows give beautiful color and light to a home cleaning it can be a task. Don’t fret, we tell you the do’s and don’ts on how to clean stained glass in your home. Over time stained glass windows can deteriorate, rust, and sag if they are not kept well. Understanding can help you to assess the damage. Knowing how it is made can also help you understand if you can clean the glass. … more

Gothic Architecture: Styles Throughout Europe

One of the most extraordinary architectural movements Gothic architecture is a style of architecture that appeared in Europe in the Late Middle Ages. Succeeded by Renaissance architecture and after Romanesque architecture, Gothic architecture has a harsh appearance to it. This style of architecture can often be found in churches and cathedrals from the 12th century through the 16th century. … more

The Various Techniques and Styles of Stained Glass Windows

Welcome back to another entry here on the Associated Crafts / Willet Hauser blog! Last time we took a look at the basic process of creating stained glass windows from sketch to installation. This time we wanted to focus on the various styles of stained glass that we have crafted during the more than a century of work!… more

Giving Light Life - How to Make Stained Glass Windows

Welcome to the Associated Crafts / Willet Hauser blog, a new venture on our site to provide even more content and information for readers, prospective clients, or those looking to find a career in making, repairing, and conserving architectural stained glass. This blog, in particular, is made for that last group, the curious men and women who want to understand and learn to put together those intricate puzzles of glass and light - or put simply, how to make stained glass. It’s ancient labor, with many different techniques and technologies developed as time has passed.…more