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Ancillae Assumption, Wyncote PA Ancillae Assumption, Wyncote PA Ancillae Assumption, Wyncote PA

Handcrafting faceted windows, like leaded glass, is an involved, multi-step process. Brilliantly colored glass, approximately one inch in thickness, is first cut to the desired size in the studio. The surface is then chipped or faceted to enhance the design, imparting a jewel-like quality. The matrix, composed of epoxy, is then poured around the carefully arranged pieces of glass, holding them in place to form a structural unit of great strength that is also water repellent.

The design possibilities of this medium are infinite as it adapts to the smallest openings and to larger areas up to entire wall surfaces of great proportions. The medium lends itself to representational design as successfully as to abstract, and the matrix can be a mere hairline, or any desired width up to several feet.

The bold design is created through controlling the size and shape of the glass pieces and the shape and width of the dark matrix. It is a creative mosaic of light. As in all art, faceted windows can be well designed, exciting and vibrant, or they can be trite and dull. The skill and sensitivity of our designers and craft artisans assure that each of our faceted windows is a work of fine art worthy of your building.

For the architect and building owner who desire the ageless beauty of detailed traditional leaded stained glass but have a limited budget, we can develop similar faceted stained glass designs at a fraction of the cost. Through skillful manipulation of the negative area of the matrix, the impression of complex traditional tracery and detailed classical design can be obtained.


Faceted Blue Glass For 1964-65 Worlds Fair In Wallace Harrison Hall of Science, Flushing Meadows, NY

In the early 1960s Willet Studio illuminated architect Wallace Harrison’s Hall of Science, designed for the 1964-65 World’s Fair, with thousands of pieces of faceted blue glass. The ninety foot serpentine structure is made up of over 5,000 3 feet tall by 2 feet wide panels pierced with one inch Blenko glass dalles cast into a matrix of reinforced concrete. Designed to give the impression of being in deep space the primary glass color is blue - more than a dozen shades of blue were used, accented with touches of gold, ruby, green and purple to further intensify the feeling of outer space.

Creating Faceted Glass For 1964-65 Worlds Fair Hall of Science, Flushing Meadows, NY

Good Shepherd Catholic Church, Garland, Texas

Working With Charles Z. Lawrence On Good Shepard Catholic Church Faced Glass, Garland, TX

Associated Crafts® recently had the honor of working with famed stained glass artist and designer Charles Z. Lawrence, known for his contemporary award-winning stained glass work throughout the United States - notably windows in the National Cathedral in Washington, DC. From 2015 to 2016 Lawrence designed a unique series of thirteen faceted glass windows for Good Shepherd Catholic Church, a multicultural church in Garland, TX. His windows were designed to compliment an original collection of windows that were carefully removed by our artisans from Good Shepherd Catholic Church’s old church and restored in our studio before for placement in the church’s new location. The symbolic nature of the windows, as well as the glass palette, allow the windows to harmonize with the original collection. The series includes an array of carefully selected symbols from the Old and New Testament as well as faceted windows depicting full figures of Mary, Queen of Heaven and the Good Shepherd. Fabrication began in 2016, with the inch thick glass pieces being hand selected and hand cut in our studio.