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Stained Glass Window Fundraising Through Stained Glass Designs Coloring Book By Willet Hauser

We know that your church community wants to contribute to the preservation of current windows or the creation of new windows. We have tools to help congregants of every income level contribute to their community.

Our “Stained Glass Designs Coloring book” and colored pencil packages allow church members of all ages and incomes to sell coloring books in their communities. For a small donation community members get to contribute to their church and get a great gift for themselves or someone else.

For larger donors, our proposal system provides a donor costs to support the “Adopt a Window” program. This program enables individual church members and/or a group of members to make larger donations to purchase the cost of services to a single window or groups of windows. Churches often choose to memorialize this donation with a plaque calling out the donor(s) near the window(s).