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Willet Studio Stained Glass Lamination Technique

The Willet Studio introduced the Dutch technique of Farbigem to the United States in 1966, after a visit to the Amsterdam glass factory known as Glas-Industrie Van Tetterode. Research and development of the process was carried out at the studio from 1967 into the 1980s.

The laminated glass process today is very different from the farbigem technique Willet did in the past. Today’s glass laminating process uses Verifix 2k silicone to bond art glass to modern architectural substrates such as safety glass, float glass, insulated units, or to more art glass. After priming the base glass, a two-part silicone adhesive mixture is applied to this base glass. The art glass is then carefully laid onto this silicone layer following the approved design. The silicone sets solidly in 12 hours and is fully-cured in 72 hours, although heat can be used to reduce the initial setting time. The Verifix 2K silicone technique has been proven for 20 plus years to be structurally permanent, UV and weather resistant and non-yellowing.