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Mike And Jim Hauser At The Cathedral Of The Sacred Heart, Winona, MN

The focus of the Hauser Art Glass corporation, since its founding in 1946 in Winona, Minnesota, has been the maintenance, protection, repair and restoration of existing stained glass windows.

During World War II, the stained glass windows in the United States were neglected as the metal and glass that would normally be used for their repair was rationed for the war effort. Recognizing an opportunity to aid many of the churches whose windows needed care, James E. Hauser founded the Hauser Art Glass Company.

James guided the company on a steady growth pattern, while the company continued to be dedicated to serving small, remote churches. Glass artists specializing in replicating different design styles joined the studio as the company’s projects became larger and more complex. In 1960, Hauser Art Glass began creating moderately priced windows for neighborhood churches as well as windows for hotels, restaurants, and private homes. Hauser Art Glass has aided over 10,000 churches in caring for their windows. In 1977, Willet Studio became a division of the Hauser Art Glass Company.

In 1994, James E. Hauser retired; however, the tradition of excellence continued with his two sons, James A. Hauser and Michael Hauser. The brothers led the company in developing new and innovative opportunities.

In 2005, the company changed its name to Willet Hauser Architectural Glass® to more accurately reflect the long-term direction of the business. And in 2014, it was purchased by Associated Crafts®.