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Stained glass maintenance is broken down into two categories: repair and restoration. Often a combination of the two is required. Repair refers mostly to onsite repair work such as broken glass replacement, bulge reduction, and securing of loose braces, etc., while historic restoration refers to the process of re-leading. During restoration each window is disassembled and then reassembled using new lead came and bracing.

Deciding which scope of work to do on the stained glass windows can be a confusing decision for any committee. We can help educate your committee on the pros and cons of each scope of work. Our team is trained to match the right solution to the church’s unique needs. Because of our experience in craftsmanship, we promote a complete look at repair and restoration.

St. Leo’s Church, Columbus, OH

Associated Crafts completed a major historic restoration for St. Leo’s Catholic Church in Columbus, Ohio. The century-old church features a collection of 64 stained glass windows hand crafted by the VonGerichten Art Glass Co. for the church’s 1917 opening. All 64 windows underwent a historic restoration which consisted of carefully cleaning and repairing the glass, flattening bulges, re-cementing the exterior surfaces, re-puttying and painting exterior millwork, installation of an additional steel brace to each window for added strength, and the installation of a vented protective glazing system. The careful work by our talented craftsman, and the determination of the St. Leo Preservation Society which funded the project, has brought the windows back to their original beauty and will allow them to be enjoyed by visitors for many years to come.