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When planning your restoration and repair work it is important to repair the existing stained glass window frames. The frame is what houses and stabilizes your valuable stained glass not to mention that it is a very visible part of the window. This is a very important service - whether the frames are made of wood or steel. Without a quality repair, there cannot be a quality paint job and without a quality paint job, there can not be a quality stained glass project.

We employ several master wood and steel workers to provide onsite repairs to existing frames thus allowing the customer to have a quality project that fits the budget.

Associated Crafts®/Willet Hauser® offers a line of new frames as well. An aluminum double glazed thermo barrier frame. We also offer a frames constructed of Azek®, a material that can both be custom-molded and does not deteriorate. It also provides a double glazed solution for your windows.

We can also provide custom wood and steel frames. Each new frame is often designed to correctly house the exterior protective glazing such as acrylic, polycarbonate or insulated glass.

St. John’s Lutheran Church, Wheaton, IL

Windows With New Frames, Lutheran Church, Wheaton, IL

Associated Crafts® combined the new with old when St. John’s Lutheran Church in Wheaton, IL relocated to a new sanctuary. Desiring to relocate their beloved stained glass windows to the new sanctuary, St. John’s Lutheran Church reached out to Associated Crafts® in 2011 to make that desire a reality.

Thanks to our ability to adaptively reuse preexisting windows and a bit of savvy design skills, we were able to fit their gothic arched windows into the larger, rectangular shaped openings of the new facility. Eight new windows were designed to accommodate the old windows, which date back to the 1960s. In order to fit the gothic arched window pairs, the new designs included the addition of two side panels for each of the eight windows measuring .5 ft wide x 12 ft high. Additionally, a 3.5 ft rose window was included in the upper area of each design to accommodate the extra space at the top of each window. Our glass selector carefully matched a series of new glass pieces with the glass of the old windows. The new glass was arranged according to a simple border pattern in an effort to work harmoniously with the original windows, rather than distract from them. An impressive 7,296 individual new, painted pieces were included in the window series.

In addition to the eight new windows installed, another pre-existing window was fitted into a light box for the new space. All windows were installed with new frames in 2014.