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At Associated Crafts® & Willet Hauser Architectural Glass we work hard to not only maintain traditions in the industry and the art of stained glass and continue to improve upon them but also to innovate. From the innovations in how we preserve your windows, to how we operate our studios to how we support our teams, we are constantly striving to be ahead.


Having a rich extended history in the industry has enabled us to innovate in the field not only with custom products to complement the repair and restoration of stained glass windows but also to improve operations that benefit the community in the long run.


Our innovative approach extends from the field right back to the office and studio. In order to most efficiently serve our customers and make less waste we utilize technology in our day to day operations.

Our internal teams communicate through several interconnected systems that do not require printing. Our field teams are equipped with smart tablets where they manage their daily work and communicate with the home office expediently. Even our vehicles are equipped with software that enables us to calculate the best use of fuel. It also tracks the vehicle’s operation and maintenance speeds and location.

At our studio, we take full advantage of a sophisticated recycling system for our glass, lead by by-products. We use earth friendly solvents for cleaning in the studio and the administrative office providing a safe working environment for both employees and the environment.