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Stained Glass Window Appraisal

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Associated Crafts® / Willet Hauser® offers a free replacement cost appraisal to churches, insurance companies and other owners of stained glass art. We provides this service free of charge.

Too often we are contacted by churches that have experienced a catastrophic loss and are looking to rebuild. Unfortunately, we have found that many of these churches are under insured and/or have no documentation of their windows thus making it nearly impossible to recreate. To prevent these shortfalls, Associated Crafts® / Willet Hauser® has designed this easy to use appraisal program. We also recommend that you download our free project guide so you can understand how to care and protect these valuable works of art.

Please enter your church name and all information as requested in the form to the left and click on the submit and enter window information button to continue to the window information page.

On the window information page you will be ask to number, describe and enter the sizes (in inches) of each window. You will also need to upload a photo of each window at this time.

With this information Associated Crafts® / Willet Hauser® will prepare you a custom replacement appraisal of your stained glass windows and email it back too you. This information is designed to verify your insurance coverages etc. It will also act as a documentation of the windows in case of catastrophic loss. This value is not a used market value for those who are looking to sell the existing stained glass windows.

What You Need:

1) You will need a nice clear overall photo of each window. Photos of stained glass windows are usually best taken from inside the church without a flash.

2) Measure each window (in inches) width and height. Do not measure the sections of windows but the overall window (keep this simple). On round top, gothic or any other shape measure the longest point only.

3) Describe each window. You can use descriptions such as right side large window, Christ and the children, or use the name on the memorial plate (John Jones Window).