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Associated Crafts® / Willet Hauser® understand the need to educate each client on the art of stained glass. It’s a large decision for the church community and the church’s budget. We offer an on-site inspection program where a professional stained glass consultant travels to your site to inspect and document your stained glass windows. Our trained consultants can help you design the scope of work for your stained glass project.

At the time of the inspection, photos and measurements are taken documenting the current condition of the stained glass collection. Using this collected information, we provide you with a full report and replacement cost appraisal as requested. This detailed information can be helpful, in the case of a disaster that damages or destroys the windows, you have the needed documentation for your insurance company. You also have the technical and artistic information needed to restore or replicate the windows. Additionally, we offer every church the use of our ONLINE APPRAISAL TOOL where the church or insurance agent can enter and submit basic information, such as window size and description, along with a photo of each stained glass window. With this information Associated Crafts® / Willet Hauser® will prepare for you a custom complementary replacement appraisal of your stained glass windows and send it back to you. This information is designed to verify your insurance coverage and will also act as a documentation of the windows in case of catastrophic loss.

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